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Golden Week is definitely an annual Home Home appliances Power of the outbreak of The Second World War period, endless number of marketing activities, the 2010 mountain home appliance marketplace is the same. “51 Even though the short holiday, but customers this holiday shopping habits haven’t transformed, customers continue to be thrilled to buy home appliances in 51.” Yesterday (May 3), Chongqing, U.S. official states the nation, this season, 13 days, home home appliances market

Sell Still hot, whether traffic or sales agents tend to be greater compared to same period this past

Customers: low cost greater efforts Yesterday (May 3), shop in the usa U . s . States Jiangbei reporter met a unique trip from vehicle to purchase home home appliances Yubei Lee. Lee stated the Housing Fair this spring, he bought some quasi-existing houses, are actually planning

Decoration Acquisition of household home appliances. In the advertisements, she saw that U.S. 51 is involved in special activities each morning and drove back all. “

Ac Discussing profit margin arrived at an optimum 5.1 fold, 1.5P heating ac is under 1,700 yuan hang

TV The utmost drop as much as 30%, 42-inch lcd TV is under 4,000 yuan, that provides really exciting. Now set the 2

Lcd Television , Can also be ready to look underneath the air conditioning units and fridges, automatic washers along with other home appliances. “

Accessory for affordable prices, the nation released throughout the U . s . States within the 51 “buy Gains Three” from the value activities desired by customers. U.S. official states the nation, the wedding provides a large extent, customers spend the cash an investment, not just get the bought electrical home appliances may also get one hundred-2000 50-200 dollars per household home appliances and funds card, the general preferential activity for that previous greatest.

Appliance stores: like a temporary cashier

Efforts within the large activity stimulated the passion of customers has additionally been completely skyrocketed. From the GOME data show limited to 9 o’clock around the 1 May to 12 o’clock just 3 hrs, 33 Gome appliance store offered about greater than 10,000 kinds of models, meaning normally every second bits of household home appliances offered.

Reporter is familiar with that 500 and 13 days, the nation store’s check out prior to the U . s . States are browsing the “queuing”, the nation may be the U . s . States Jiangbei shop opened up by multiple checkout, however the many clients still were built with a packed crowd. Based on the U . s . States Jiangbei States introduced a sales people, “didn’t expect the 2010 51 offered very well, the purpose of any

Economic Crisis. Stores inside everybody, all crowded crowded fixed, clients queue Delivery, I’ve spent considerable time. “

Flat-panel TV: Domestic vanguard Large-size flat-panel TV prices diving magnitude is much more staggering. States U . s . States says 51 of the year, including

TCL , Changhong, Konka, Hisense along with other domestic brands may have affordable prices, especially in the large-size flat-panel TV prices is going to be substantially diving, made 50-inch lcd TV, the very first time this season, 51 fell below 6,000 yuan throughout the time.

It’s understood that large push this season, new domestic flat-panel Televisions, slashed prices. The 51 large promotion, the lcd TV’s Pricey strongly cut again, lots of mainstream items are underneath the standards from the original cost, in comparison to this past year, plus some items even 50% cost reduction. 42-inch, 46 inch, 52-inch TV models are performed within the good reputation for the cheapest prices, domestic 42-inch flat-panel TV prices under 4,000 yuan.

Chongqing Condition Department official stated the U.S. color TV, 51 period, the nation the U.S. TV sales increase over this past year greater than 50%, which domestic sales flat in comparison with this past year elevated greater than bending. For a long time the worldwide economy generally lower there didn’t fall through the condition, the nation people from the U . s . States, while consumer interest in flat-panel TV remain, most significantly, the flat-panel TV prices this season, particularly the promotion of domestic brands unparalleled efforts to greatly stimulate the customer to purchase.

Postganglionic: let promotion continue

51 small holiday period, the nation’s U.S. rate of home home appliances to the present ones who benefit from the greatest point of the season.

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