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My drawing: Rounds and Angles
Last month, by coincidence, my friend Sybil and I both created and sent birthday greetings that were inspired by paintings.  It gave us the idea, just for fun, to choose a piece of art that we'd each use as inspiration for "something" of our own.  Our simple rules: "Anything goes - any medium, any outcome, any close or remote connection to the inspiration piece."

My drawing, above, is inspired by the Cezanne painting at the end of today's post, Still Life with Fruit.  As I was looking at the painting, at first I noticed the colors - warm yellows, yellow greens, oranges, and grays, with cool blues and purples - and the subject matter - fruit, fabric, pottery, baskets, and furniture.

Then I began to see it as a collection of shapes and lines - rounds and angles - and that's what I drew. I enjoyed making the wall and floor backgrounds with the small snippets of shape and color in between.  Before starting my "rounds and angles" drawing, I sketched a more traditional still life, which I might finish and post later.

Below is Sybil's drawing, a very fun and playful take on the inspiration.  

Sybil's drawing: Anglican Tea Party Prayer Beads

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    My materials:
    • Copic markers (many colors) with some colored pencil
    • Pen: Copic multiliner 0.3 black
    • Paper: Neenah, cut down to 4.25 x 5.5"

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