Lenten Calendar 2019

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Since I didn't draw a calendar for this past Advent season, I was very ready to start one for Lent!  I've kept it simple, just a few words from the season's scriptures or prayers, as they connect to my daily events and experiences, with a bit of drawing and coloring.  Note: each drawing space is small, about an inch wide, so you may want to click on the drawing for a better view. 

Added Saturday, April 20, 2019:  This is my finished calendar update, with the drawings complete through today in Holy Week. Though my drawings end with the sorrow and darkness of Holy Saturday, there is joy in our faith of Easter's resurrection.

In the past, I've used a variety of templates (click here for more of my Lent and Easter posts, or here for my Advent calendar posts).  You can find this grid and other templates on my friend Sybil's Praying in Color blog, along with her current Lent calendar drawing. 
  • Copic markers; colored pencil for April 1 bench
  • Pen: Copic multiliner 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 black
  • Paper: Neenah
  • Words:
    • Week 1: Ash; Slow; Draw near; Wash
    • Week 2: The time is now; Rough; Give me vision; Walk - put one foot in front of the other; Look for truth; Make in us new and contrite hearts; Spare your people, O Lord
    • Week 3: Sustain; Gather; Trust; Seek Him; Wait patiently for the Lord; Show me your way, O Lord; Sounds of great gladness
    • Week 4: Deeply; Keep me safe; Read and meditate; Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden -
    • Week 5: And I will give you rest; Teach me; Mercy; Be reconciled to God; Who gives life to the world
    • Week 6: For our sake; Lift up your hearts; He remembers that we are but dust; I will guide you with my eye; Now is the day of salvation; Hide not; Forgive
    • Week 7: Hosanna; Oh... hush... ; Gifts of God; Darkness.

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