Advent Calendar 2017

Advent finished -
With the Nativity scene drawing for Christmas Day, I've completed my annual Advent calendar drawings.  As with past years, I've enjoyed taking the time to enjoy the hope, joy, and wonder of the season with my pens and markers. 

Each drawing space is small (about 1-5/8" high) and it may look a bit fuzzy or faded above.  For a better view, click on the image.

If you might like to try something similar, click here for more information, or here (my friend Sybil's blog) for 2017 template formats, including my calendar grid that I'm using.  Or click here for my eight completed calendars from past years.

For a listing of words, sources of words, Copic colors, and other materials used,  see below (or click on "read more" to see it.)

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Words, Sources of Words, Copic Colors, and Other Materials Used
All drawn with Copic 0.2 or 0.3 black multiliner unless noted.

Sunday, December 3:
Words: We are leaving ordinary time.
Source: My calendar each year starts with these words which point out the wonder of the Advent time, looking forward to Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  And in the church year, our long season of "ordinary time" - the summer and fall weeks after Pentecost - has now ended.
Copic colors: B32, BV31, G17, FV2, Y15

Monday, December 4:
Word: Waiting
Copic colors: YR21, BG45,72, YG05

Tuesday, December 5:
Word: Joy
Copic colors: Purple 0.3 multiliner, RV14, R08, G12

Wednesday, December 6:
Words: Set free
Copic colors: B41, C1,3,5, T0,1, BV23, E81

Thursday, December 7:
Words: Cast away the works of darkness - Put on the armor of light
Source: Book of Common Prayer, collect for first Sunday of Advent
Copic colors: W1, B01, Y19,21,26,38

Friday, December 8:
Word: Peace
Copic colors: BG10,32

Saturday, December 9:
Word: Quiet
Copic colors: BV31, custom color B2000, YG03, YR14, R56

Sunday, December 10:
Words: Prepare the way
Copic colors: B63, Y38, C3, T3, W3, E84, YG91,97, BG93

Monday, December 11:
Words: Every valley shall be lifted up
Source: Isaiah 40:4
Copic colors: E41, B000,53, G40,43,46

Tuesday, December 12:
Word: Watch
Copic colors: E00,09,33, T0, RV52, V000,12

Wednesday, December 13:
Copic colors: B21

Thursday, December 14:
Word: Hope
Copic colors: YG05, YR27, custom color YYR2000

Friday, December 15:
Words: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.
Source: John 1:4
Copic colors: Y08, B39

Saturday, December 16:
Words: Veni Emmanuel - Rejoice!
Source: Advent hymn "Veni Emmanuel" (O Come, Emmanuel - God With Us) and its "Rejoice! Rejoice!" refrain
Copic colors:  BG000, G14, Y38, custom color R290.  In real life, the Y38 color is a deep yellow, not orange.

Sunday, December 17:
Words: The one who calls you is faithful.
Source: 1 Thessalonians 5:24
Copic colors: B41,45, RV63,66, Y21, G24,28

Monday, December 18:
Words: A man whose name was John came as a witness to testify to the light.
Source: I paraphrased parts of John 1:6-7, "There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.  He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him." 
Copic colors: BG05, Y15 

Tuesday, December 19:
Word: Promise
Copic colors: T3, custom color B2000, R08, YG05, Y06, FV2

Wednesday, December 20:
Words: My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.
Source: Luke 1:47 - a line of the Magnificat, Luke 1:46-55
Copic colors: YG01, V04, BG45 

Thursday, December 21:
Word: Blessed
Copic colors: G40, B32, Y11, BG53, RV63

Friday, December 22:
Words: Peace - Good Will - To All 
Copic colors: R56, RV17, G17,40, E25, BG90
Other: Black 0.5 Copic multiliner, White gel pen 

Saturday, December 23:
Words: Trust God's mighty power to save
Source: Advent hymn "Veni Emmanuel"
Copic colors: V12, B41,45
Other:  Cobalt 0.5 Copic multiliner

Sunday, December 24:
Words: Be patient
Copic colors: V04, B24, Y15, G07, R29, E43,44

Monday, December 25:
Copic colors: B45, custom color B2000, BG32,93, custom color G143, W1,3,5, RV10,32, Y21, E00,15,21,25,53,84


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