Lenten Calendar 2017

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It's been several years since my last Lenten calendar, and it felt very good to create one this year.   I used a cross template drawn by my friend Sybil, adding a few lines and a "Lent 2017" heading.

The drawing spaces are quite small, typically 3/4" - 1" wide, and in my post, the image will look a bit blurry, so please click on it for a better view.  Each day's space is very simple - a word or phrase chosen from the daily scriptures or prayers in a Lenten meditation booklet, with a simple drawing or just a bit of color.  I like the little icon spaces and the overall color and energy that emerged.

If you'd like to consider this for next year's Lent, click here for more info, including several templates.  Sybil posted her completed 2017 calendar here.  For all of my Lent and Easter drawings and calendars, click here.  For my Advent calendars, click here.
  • Copic markers
  • Pen: Copic multiliner 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 black
  • Paper: Neenah
  • In filling in the template, I moved back and forth unevenly from the bottom, saving the spaces in the cross for Ash Wednesday and Holy Week.  So I'll list my words by row (row 1 is at the bottom) instead of by date.
  • Cross: (starting from bottom) Ash Wed. We are dust. And God loves us.; you welcomed me; entrusting; (Holy Saturday) no words; (Left to right) Love one another; good; how very good; Hosanna; (Top of cross: Easter Sunday) Risen!
  • Row 1: wilderness; connect us; bound by love; all things in common; our hope for healing
  • Row 2: mighty to save; fellowship in Jesus; love one another; we are God's field; where 2 or 3 are gathered
  • Row 3: humility; no words; if we satisfy others' needs, he will satisfy our needs; embrace and hold fast; he is our peace; revive my soul
  • Row 4: we are created in God's image; do not fear; show mercy; no words; keep us; your will be done
  • Row 5: in one spirit; serve one another; Christ the true bread; compassion; no words; that we may have life
  • Row 6: no words; do not be afraid; varieties of gifts; glorify; grace to love; persevere
  • Row 7: peace be with you; encourage one another; break every yoke; no words

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