Advent Calendar 2014

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My Advent calendar is complete for 2014 with today's Nativity drawing.  As with the other five years, I'm very glad that I did this activity.  At each Advent's beginning, I wonder how I'll ever have enough words and images to fill the page.  It's such a joyful discovery as I enter into the process and wind my way through the days.

My daily drawing spaces are small (about 1-5/8" high), so you may want to click on the image for a better view, especially if it looks a bit fuzzy above.

For more information including template links and prior years' calendars, click here.
For a listing of words, sources of words, Copic colors, and other materials used,  see below (or click on "read more" to see it)

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Words, Sources of Words, Copic Colors, and Other Materials Used
Sunday, November 30:
Words: We are leaving ordinary time.
Source: For six years now,  I've started my calendar with the words "We are leaving ordinary time..."  These words remind me that Advent is a special time of year, looking forward to Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  And it's a fact that "ordinary time"-  the long summer and fall church season after Pentecost - has now ended.
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, B41,45, T0, Y26, V22, BV00,04,23, E09,15,23

Monday, December 1:
Word: Prepare
Copic colors: Purple 0.3 multiliner, V000,15,17, B21,YG61

Tuesday, December 2:
Words: A light shines in the darkness
Source: John 1:5
Copic colors: Black 0.1 multiliner, BV08, YR30, Y21

Wednesday, December 3:
Words: Hope of all the ages
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, Y19, YR09, R56, RV29, G14,21, B000

Thursday, December 4:
Word: Veni
Source: Advent hymn "Veni Emmanuel" (O Come, Emmanuel - God With Us)
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, B41, BV04,34, V04, BG32, YG23, Y08

Friday, December 5:
Words: There's a voice in the wilderness crying
Source: Advent hymn
Copic colors: Black 0.1 and 0.2 multiliner, custom color B2000, YG95, W3, E23,43,71,84

Saturday, December 6:
Words: Be still
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, C1,3, BV00,31, B32,41

Sunday, December 7:
Words: Make his paths straight
Source: Mark 1:3
Copic colors: Black 0.1 multiliner, C3,5,  YR21, Y000, E41,43, YG91, BG72, BV23

Monday, December 8:
Words: The time is fulfilled
Source: Mark 1:15
Copic colors: Black 0.3 multiliner, BG32,72, G24, YG23, B24,32, Y000

Tuesday, December 9:
Words: Surely God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid.
Source: Isaiah 12:2
Copic colors: Black 0.1 multiliner, BG32,93, RV91

Wednesday, December 10:
Words: Maranatha - Come, Lord Jesus!
Source: Maranatha is Aramaic for “Come O Lord” 1 Corinthians 16:22
Copic colors: Cobalt 0.3 multiliner, B24, Y11

Thursday, December 11:
Words: The Lord is not slow about his promise
Source: 2 Peter 3:9
Copic colors: Black 0.1 multiliner, T0, W3,5, BG10,93, E84,87, YG05,91, G43

Friday, December 12:
Words: The glory of the Lord
Source: Isaiah 40:5
Copic colors: Black 0.3 multiliner, Y13,26, BG53, YR04, V15, R24,32, G14 - When dry, colored over with fine point of "0" colorless blender for a mottled effect

Saturday, December 13:
Word: Await
Copic colors: Black 0.3 multiliner, V09, B41,45

Sunday, December 14:
Word: Rejoice!
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, E41, Y06,21, BG45, RV34, G07,28

Monday, December 15:
Words: All my hope on God is founded
Source: Hymn "All my hope on God is founded; all my trust he will renew..."  Not an Advent hymn, but the words fit the season's theme of God's keeping his promise to us.
Copic colors: Black 0.3 multiliner, G40,43, BV31+B41, V22, BV20

Tuesday, December 16:
Words: Lift up your voice
Source: Isaiah 40:9
Copic colors: Purple and cool gray multiliners, V04, C3

Wednesday, December 17:
Word: Anticipate
Copic colors: Olive and purple multiliners, custom color YG6000 (mottled with "0"), custom color B2000, FV2, custom color FV25, G14,24,46

Thursday, December 18:
Word: Joy
Copic colors: Black 0.3 multiliner, custom color R290, R24, YG05, V20
Other supplies: Red Sanford Uni-Ball gel pen

Friday, December 19:
Words: Renew, refresh us
Copic colors: Cobalt 0.3 and 0.5 multiliners, B14,32, BG000,10,70

Saturday, December 20:
Words: This is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.
Source: Psalm 118:23
Copic colors: Sky blue multiliner, YR00, custom color YYR2000, YG21

Sunday, December 21:
Word: Mercy
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, custom colors B2000 and FV25;  FB2, FV2, YG63, E33, YR04
Other supplies: Red Sanford Uni-Ball gel pen

Monday, December 22:
Words: Be joyful
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, sky blue and purple multiliners, V12, YR30, E41,43,71, B21, BG53 mottled with "0"

Tuesday, December 23:
Word: Pondering
Copic colors: Black 0.2 multiliner, G40, R24, Y26, V000, BG05, E04,71

Wednesday, December 24:
Words: Unto us a Savior
Source: Luke 2:8 "unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord"
Copic colors: B39
Other supplies: Gold and silver Sanford Uni-Ball gel pens

Thursday, December 25:
Copic colors: Black 0.1 multiliner, custom color YYR2000, Y21, YR15,27,30, T1, W0,3, RV32, R00,56, E00,21,25,44,71, B000,32,41,45, YG95

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