Lenten Prayer Calendar (2014) - Final

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My completed prayer calendar for Lent.  Updated Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.  As always, I'm so glad I did the calendar drawings this year.

Click here for more info, including a template link.  Also, each drawing space is small, about 1 inch wide, so you may want to click on the drawing for a better view. 
  • Copic markers
  • Pen: Copic multiliner 0.3 black; 0.3 cool gray for March 24-28 and April 19; 0.3 cobalt for April 6; 0.3 purple for April 7; 0.3 purple and olive for April 16; 0.3 brown and wine for April 17.
  • Paper: Neenah
  • Words March 5-8: Ash; Broken; Center, enter in; Peace, be still; 
  • Words March 9-15: Prepare with joy; Trust; Renew; In Your mercy; Journey; Fallen; Repent and return
  • Words March 16-22: Seek where he is found; Rest; Grace; Healing; Faith; Steadfast; Be born of the spirit
  • Words March 23-29: For our sake; Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world; Have mercy on us, grant us peace
  • Words March 30-April 5: 40 days/nights; Fasting: Live as children of the Light. Ephesians 5; Hope; So shall all be made alive; Refresh us; Gratitude 
  • Words April 6-12: Lord, hear our prayer; Wait for the Lord; (no words); Love-Break-Mend-Repeat; Cast your burdens upon the Lord; Out of the depths have I called to you O Lord; For there is forgiveness with you
  • Words April 7-19: Hosanna - Palm Sunday; O Savior of the world; Guide us; Amen; Body blood; Goodness and mercy; (no words)

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